02 May 2015

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Prepaid Reloadable  Credit Cards/Debit Cards  

 Features & Reality of Cards
A prepaid Visa / MasterCard ® card is an alternative to cash , or other debit and credit cards in your wallet. It's not a line of credit and no credit check is required So WELCOME to a new kind of credit card , the prepaid Debit Visa or MasterCard a card that anyone anywhere in the world can apply . There are No restrictions, No refusals and No credit checks . MeCards MasterCard / Visa is a prepaid , reloadable card that makes your daily spending simpler. It's great for anyone, and practically any financial situation. Actually, Prepaid reloadable credit cards are the best solution for those people who are unable to obtain a credit card due to different reasons therefore they will easily own a MasterCard or Visa in a short period of time. They can use it at ATM's worldwide, Pay for goods on the internet , Rent a car , Pay for hotel reservations , Buy flight tickets , and anything you can do with a normal credit card is fully at hand . You choose how much money to carry on the card . And then you use it at millions of locations worldwide wherever MasterCard/ Visa is accepted - online, in stores and at ATMs.  

Whenever you use MeCards Visa / MasterCard , your purchase amount is simply deducted from your stored value balance. You can reload the card with funds anytime as simply as paying a bill . Your account includes online access to your secure transaction history. And because it's a Visa or MasterCard you are safe from unauthorized purchases with Zero Liability protection.
  • SHOPPING in millions of shops, restaurants and bars world wide.
  • CASH WITHDRAWLS at ATM's all over the world displaying the Visa or Plus logo.
  • BUYING ON THE INTERNET buy anything from anywhere over the internet safely and securely.
  • Card is perfect as a secondary card to be used only for online transactions to avoid any fraud or identity risks.
  • MONEY TRANSFERS avoid the queues and lengthly forms to transfer money to other card users any where in the world in real time 24/7/365.
  • No credit checks! A solution for people without a bank account while still offering convenience and security.
  • Anonymous - no name on card.
  • Acts like a virtual bank account, allowing you to deposit money safely yet with access to withdraw cash, spend it or transfer it 24/7.
  • Available to young and old, students, retired or dependants where traditional credit cards are denied because of no fixed income.
  • Secure and safe online shopping. Cheap and convenient way of transferring money to family and friends.
  • Have ‘secondary’ cards (and more) associated and controlled by the primary card; ideal for families and small businesses to manage finances and expenses.
  • Easy to recharge.
  • Use as a back up to conventional credit cards.

 ::::: Fees
                            One Time Application Fee
Card Application Fee + Express Courier Fee €340.00 ($480.00)

                                        Card Fees      
Card to Card Transfer $15.00
Funds Deposit(Load) $3.00
Monthly Maintenance Fee $0.00
POS Purchase (International) $0.00
POS Purchase (Domestic) $0.00
Balance Inquiry Online $0.00
ATM Withdrawal (Successful) $ 3.00 + 0.75%
Annual Fee $15.00
Card Activation Fee $0.00
Maximum Balance Annually
ATM Withdrawal (Decline) – (Domestic/International) $0.50
ATM Balance Inquiry – (Domestic/International) $0.50
Foreign Currency Surcharge $2.75
Lost/Stolen Replacement Card NEW APPLICATION FEE

 How To Load Funds To This Card

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